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♡ See what you don't understand is fallin' in love wasn't part of my plan ♡

For all the lovers out there, patience and trust is key. Good things always come when you wait. 

The bumps in the road is only are only tests and creates a stronger bond. Words are the most important, there is no need to hide any words behind your heart. Say what you have to feel, true love doesn’t hide, and it does not lie. 

All the children of God, we have been taught of patience and love. Sharing love can hurt too. But it only shows how much stronger that love is if you can withstand it. Have you ever felt when you’ve known someone for such a short time period, but it feels like forever. When you’re so love struck, you feel as it will be forever and always. You must still guard your heart because the only person you can truly trust is yourself and God. Being wrapped around someone’s finger is a dangerous situation. 

Ever met someone who just tears down your walls slowly, undressing your mind and falls in love with the person inside the physical. You just don’t forget that first love, and you don’t want to let go. When you’ve done everything you possibly could have to show how much you love them. When you know at any given moment.. you could loose them forever. 

For all the lovers out there, I don’t know if it’s true. But it’s a risk willing to take to find out. It may be everything you could ever want, or wishing you never met them. It’s a tug between you’re mind and heart. An illusion created inside your head.

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